April 2018

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Cover Story

Probing for Deeper Insights: Microdialysis, a Unique Tool with Varied Applications

By Benjamin Kuzma, Long Island University, and Nimita Dave, AbbVie
Microdialysis can reveal pharmacokinetics and physiological changes in tissue.   

Member Spotlight

Inquiry and Service

Susan L. Mercer, Ph.D.

AAPS eLearning

Microsampling in Drug Development

A recent AAPS webinar covers techniques and utility.

President's Report

What Difference Does Sex Make?

Drug development needs to study the effects of drugs and biological products on women, as well as men.

Pharmaceutical Science Update 

U.S. Regulatory News

Regulatory  Developments


6 Steps to Poster Presentation Success

AAPS Publications

Advances in Alzheimer Disease

Pharmaceutical Research publishes a theme with eight articles.

Career Success

What Is a Crucial Conversation?

AAPS Foundation

Meet Elizabeth Gibson

A fellowship recipient focuses on antibacterials.

Student Chapter Focus

Monash University

Did You Know?

Journals Encourage Data Sharing

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