January 2018

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Cover Story

Biophysical Characterization of Biopharmaceutical Products

By Yongchao Su, Ph.D.; Jing Song, Ph.D.; Katelyn J. Smith, Ph.D., Elizabeth E. Pierson, Ph.D.; Jason K. Cheung, Ph.D.; Wei Xu, Ph.D.; and Allen C. Templeton, Ph.D., at Merch & Co., Inc.

The use of biiophysical tools...is critical in addressing some of the development challenges for biopharmaceutical drugs.   

2017 AAPS Annual Meeting  and Exposition Covers Science, Community, and Career

Science sessions highlighted regenerative engineering, pediatric research policies, nanomedicine regulations, and CAR-T therapies.

Member Spotlight

Meaningful Career, Lifelong Friends

Eric Fluhler, Ph.D.

After 30 years in the industry, Eric Fluhler values the strong relationships he has built the most.

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AAPS Personalized Medicine Webinar Series

Open access events exploring the current understanding of the field and visions of the emerging practices along with the translational implications.

President's Report

The Promise of 2018

As pharmaceutical science evolves, Christopher McCurdy looks forward to overseeing changes at AAPS.

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Is Entrepreneurship for You?

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Perrie to Continue Editorial Excellence for Book Series

Yvonne Perrie named new editor of the AAPS Advances in the Pharmaceutical Sciences book series.

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AAPS Students Sharpen Soft Skills

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