June 2018

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Cover Story

A Small Molecule Renaissance? Teaching an Old Modality New Tricks

By John Morrison, Ph.D., Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Steven Louie, Amgen
New functionality for small molecule therapeutics can advance drug development.   

Student Member Spotlight

Embracing Opportunity

Ashley Lay, Ph.D. candidate, looks forward to a career in drug development and formulation.

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How Much Do You Know about Good Oral Candidates?

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President's Report

Developing Drugs Faster and More Cheaply

The EpiPen and Daraprim put pharmaceutical scientists on the defensive. What are they doing to address drug costs and long development timelines?

Pharmaceutical Science Update 

U.S. Regulatory News

Regulatory Developments


Preclinical Development Track Themes Announced for 2018 PharmSci 360

Information on PharmSci 360 and the 2018 Land O'Lakes workshop.

AAPS Publications

Applications of KinetiSol for Advanced Amorphous Solid Dispersions

AAPS PharmSciTech publishes five papers in a theme highlighting the use of KinetiSol Technology.

Career Success

Crucial Conversations: A Look Outward


AAPS 2018 Election

Student Chapter Focus

University of Singapore

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