Emerging Role of Systems Pharmacology, Long-acting, & Targeted Drug-combination Tech in Making Therapeutic & Health Impact

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October 2022

By Rodney JY Ho, Simone Perazzolo, Qingxin Mu, Zachary Stephen, Masa Eguchi, and Xiaolin Xu
Targeted and Long-acting Drug-combination Therapeutic Program, Department of Pharmaceutics, University of Washington

Understanding of health systems and their disruption to normality due to agents of pandemic potentials such as HIV (AIDS causing agent), SARS-Coronavirus 2 (infectious agent of Covid-19 disease), monkeypox as well major disease burdens such as cancer and diabetes are important for individual livelihood, community, and socioeconomic health. More than ever, decision-makers in governments and private industries — including pharmaceutical companies and healthcare sectors — rely on information and evidence provided by health technology assessment (HTA) forecast models. HTA models integrate available knowledge for each disease or symptom on individual and public health impact; HTL models are then deployed to predict economic and health benefits of each interventional product, which are refined and scaled to the overall impact on the health systems. HTA projected data help with decisions on investment in research and development as well as government and healthcare authorities spending for the therapeutic vaccine, drug, and biologics products.